April 19, 2011

[A] recent Gallup study ... found that 6 percent of Americans in households earning over $250,000 a year think their taxes are "too low." Of that same group, 26 percent said their taxes were "about right," and a whopping 67 percent said their taxes were "too high."

And yet when this same group of high earners was asked whether "upper-income people" paid their fair share in taxes, 30 percent said "upper-income people" paid too little, 30 percent said it was a "fair share," and 38 percent said it was "too much."

- from Rich People Still Don't Realize They're Rich

Take your average American earning $100,000 a year ...
- attributed to Nelson Rockefeller

We never see the cars we pass, only the ones we have not yet caught up to.

We never see the the incomes below us, only the incomes above.

We know all too well how difficult it is to make ends meet at our current income. We can see only the things we cannot afford, while the things we have become so much an expected part of life that they become invisible to us. Though we be told repeatedly the mean income in our part of the world is far below our own, we cannot conceive of it. The knowledge reluctantly slips in, and then slips out again as easily as the cars we have passed and forgotten.

We are all middle class. (Unless we happen to be on welfare or stratospherically rich.)

And of course, we never speed.

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