April 20, 2011

A comment by Perfectly_Craumulent in What will the universe look like in one trillion years?, in response to repeated outright rejections of all things beyond the known equations. Minor spelling corrections by me. - T

My point with the electron [quantum physics] is that it "seems" to defy logic, like the belief in a creator may "seem" also, but both only because of our limited understanding. I'm an objective person, but it really bothers me when someone says there is no evidence for creation.

DNA sequencing, mathematic patterns in biology,the human brain and body. Just admiring the artistry of a beautiful woman. Things like the degree of tuning of just the 4 primary forces [electromagnetism, gravity], [where] minute differences would equal a radically different universe.

Don't hold me too closely to this; Michio Kaku theorizes that the only way to account for the level of perfection in natural laws, is an infinite number of universes. Imagine that, every conceivable universe HAS to exist. Maybe time will prove this theory true, but for now, personally, design outweighs it.

I should say that I'm no expert, just an enthusiast who's passionate about theoretical physics and science in general. Some days I have doubts, and that's a good thing. Only a fool believes everything he/she is told without asking questions or coming to a level of personal understanding, whether in science or religon.

If you don't believe in a god of creation, then you believe in the god of nature, a lifeless idea who creates beauty out of chance and chaos [BOTH require faith]. Perhaps, in 2 trillion years the universe will collaspe unto itself, into a singularity, and the whole thing will happen again, and again, in an infinite loop.

Don't get me wrong, folks, I'm NO fundamentalist genesis pusher, just a slightly biased enthusiast.

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