December 10, 2010

I know the length of these posts deters some readers. Twitterfeeds run a maximum of 140 characters, but even newspaper columns are almost never longer than eight hundred words. Some of the more detailed or introspective posts in this blog are easily twice that.

But what does it cost, here, save server space which Google claims to have in abundance, my time in writing, and your time in reading? Were you really going to solve world peace in the time you did not spend reading the rest of this post? or were you going to chase down the latest YouTube viral video?

When I choose to write for other publications, I will play by their rules and write to their specifications. Until then, I will spend as much time and space and as many words as it needs for me to feel out a topic within a single post.

You may choose to read, or not. It lies completely in your free will and your freedom of choice and of action. I don't claim to have the world's truth. If there is any wisdom in any of this, you have brought as much to the table as I. Please don't take it as insult or deterrence or any kind of demand when I say as much directly!

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