November 17, 2010

It's not so much the falling leaves I mind.
They don't ever stop, not really, but then
That's only to be expected of fall.
I do not really mind so much at all.

To falling leaves I'm pretty much resigned.
They have to fall. Why get all upset when
They're only doing what leaves do in fall?
You'd think I had no perspective at all.

Why sigh that more are always left behind?
Of course there's more behind! It happens when
These trees keep growing leaves right up to fall:
They're so prolific. I don't mind at all.

It's just some frigging leaves! Why would I mind?
It's obvious that they'll fall and fall, and then
They'll fall and keep on falling fall through fall --
They'll never stop. They'll never stop at all --

You know, I'm almost tempted to withdraw.
It's only common sense to let it lie.
To the shed with the rake! Now, where did I _\\
-- @$#*%! --
Honey? Remind me. Where is the chainsaw?

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