October 24, 2010

A recent mishap which had caused significant inconvenience to another (but fortunately not anything really serious) had me searching for an apology card. Note, personal in-person apology, action, and even a gift card would be included, but I planned to use the card as the basic framework for the rest.

In every one of the all-purpose stores which also carry greeting cards, the only types of "sorry" cards I could find were cutsey things, the kind of card you send when you miss someone's birthday or forget an engagement -- and there were extremely few even of those. Not one card in any of these all-purpose stores expressed anything like a "sorry" for something which could not be readily brushed off between friends.

If the purpose of greeting cards is indeed to find a way to say the normal societal things that need to be said: what has happened to the genuine apology?

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