October 27, 2010

Never have I seen so much determined denial of the evidence of our own eyes. It can be as simple a thing as considering it impossible to live on a slightly lower amount of income, never mind that the known average income of the area demonstrates that more than half of all households somehow manage it. It can even be a refusal to accept that all pies are in themselves finite. (If more pieces are to be found, new pies must be baked; and eventually new ingredients must also be found.)

We have become very adept at building customised blinkers for ourselves.

Yet our apparently infinite capacity for denial should come as no surprise. The tragedy of the commons has been known to us as a mathematical concept for decades, but as a practical outcome, for centuries. The theory of peak oil is more recent, but draws on the same basic psychological concepts.

What is a sudden steep growth in broad-based denial and a parallel determination to get every bit of "what is owed us"/"what we merit", if not a broader, society-wide, full resource sector-wide application of the principles of peak oil?

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