October 13, 2010

At one end of the production process are the raw resources. At the other is the consumer and market share. We understand and appreciate (more or less) the need to manage all renewable resources, so that they shall remain renewable for our children and grandchildren.

Yet we have never thought to manage market share itself as a resource which is not infinitely renewable?

Invert the view, and the approach to market share by labour and management alike resembles nothing so much as the scramble for the commons: a pie which can only be divided so far before it starts to become crumbs.

Never is it asked whether the scramble itself, and the means assumed to be dictated by the existence of the scramble, might themselves be reducing the overall size of that pie -- that soufflé, inflated so far by easy credit that we really have no more real idea just how much substance remains in the ingredients?

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