February 12, 2010

On this strange day, with snow on the ground in all fifty states and bitterly cold temperatures still dominant through nearly all of the northern hemisphere: Vancouver, host to the 2010 Winter Olympics, is the sole holdout. Snow is on the ground in Hawai'i: source of the Pineapple Express which rained away Vancouver's own snow. On a day which calls for thunderstorms, the decision to hold an indoor opening ceremony would seem prescient, were it not that everyone from pilots to skiers already knows about the fickleness of Vancouver's climate.

The decision to downscale the Vancouver opening ceremonies and not attempt another Beijing seems prescient in a different way, today.

Before passing judgement on decisions and outcomes, keep in mind that these 2010 Olympic Games are the first to be held since the economic meltdown. Consider how well any city could have done, under the circumstances: and then consider carefully what Vancouver has accomplished.

(Be certain that London is considering the same thing. In two years, they will be next on the firing line.)

So would it be completely inappropriate to consider Vancouver the Los Angeles of Canada?
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