November 07, 2009

Imagine that human nature and human actions have brought into being an artificial structure.
Imagine that some have decided that the purpose of this structure is to give value to people's lives.

Imagine people who devote themselves to that structure.
Imagine some of them seeking ways to justify that structure, while others preach it until it becomes an unquestioned ideology.
Imagine people working their entire lives to increase their value under that structure.
Imagine an entire body of scholarship which arises around that structure, trying to understand its ways.
Imagine elaborate thought constructs built upon that structure, whose only purpose is to magnify that structure.
Imagine governments being elected based on their support of that structure.
Imagine entire countries going to war to convert others to that structure.
Imagine individual people being willing to kill in the name of that structure.

In any other field, people would call this a religion. In the capitalist and communist worlds alike, we call it economics.

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