December 15, 2008

Two Blackberry Christmas commercials offer some very odd messages.

In the first, a guy in a nice apartment, surrounded by his festive friends, is showing off the new puppy he had just received for Christmas, which he has named "Blackberry" for the gift he had been hoping for, but did not get. As the commercial continues, it becomes only too obvious that despite the current aww's of attention, the puppy is unwanted.

In the second, in a public café surrounded by a similar bevy of friends, a girl is admiring her new Blackberry ... but because it is not Christmas yet, she will just rewrap it and place it under the tree. "But where is the surprise on Christmas morning?" asks her guy. She clears her throat, and bursts out into happy squeals of gleeful surprise, to the light applause of her friends.

Such an accomplished actress ... but now that we know what she can and is able to do so well, we must question her every reaction. How can we know if she is ever genuine about anything? Has she ever had a real orgasm with her partner?

This is the image with which Blackberry has chosen to associate itself. One has to wonder.

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