September 28, 2008

I have an endless fascination for the kinds of search terms that bring random visitors to this family of blogs. At this point in my life I am fortunate that it can just be curiosity, that I am not trapped in the constant write/refine of the A-list blogger or attempted A-list blogger honing contacts and search engine optimisation. I am a citizen journalist only insofar as I reflect life. I don't aim to be first, or even to write on a breaking subject with any particular quickness or polity. The one "scoop" this blog has ever made was purely accidental.

So broad are the writings, the searches draw along a startlingly wide spectrum, everything from the utterly predictable "young gymnast" of a few posts back to a startling number of odd one-offs that I often retrace simply because it was not obvious to me how you got from there to here -- and even then I sometimes blink that Google had picked up that as a search term. Every so often Google itself searches me out, but though I always wonder why, the information they leave behind leaves me little with which to seek understanding. I don't even know how common it is for Google to search others out -- though with the number of blogspot blogs, I am guessing they could not possibly search out all as frequently as they do me. A very common general search term of late has become some variant of "strongest hurricane ever": and if you arrived here because of that, you want to check the other post, or better yet Wikipedia, especially if your interest is solely fact-driven.

If you search out Tenebris, odds are you won't reach me individually, although one piece or another of my writings, even if not specifically this blog, is usually on the first search page. I was quite startled the day I realised that searches on Tenebris + [subject] almost invariably pulled up one of my writings as #1. (I can't think that this result is a consequence of the frequency of my writing. Maybe it is a side effect, since I find writing on hard science theory relaxing? Yet to me it is just another bridge, an easier one to build than most. The difficult spans come only when the question becomes "why" and not just "how", and even why to expand the question in the first place.) One person always searches me out specifically as "koyaanisqatsi blogspot", another as "emptymirror blogspot", which always feels to me like a shard of individual connection. Who says the Internet erases individuality?

Even so the search patterns have a deep ebb and flow over the year. Come September and a shared English-language start of the academic year, such terms as "koyaanisqatsi" itself and "understanding poetry" suddenly spike. (If you are looking for that last one, the reference is to the opening of Dead Poets' Society, the film starring Robin Williams. You will find that quote in this blog but little more, apart from a few odd poems of my own.)

Today, for the first time, someone searched me out using the search words "koyaanisqatsi college paper". Odds are too good you won't be returning here, but please take the effort to research and write the paper yourself, even if the cost might be a slightly lesser mark? That will be a true child of your own labour, while the other ... will equally be a reflection of who you are. Is it someone you want to be?

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