July 26, 2008

So quick, so easy ... to remove gray (or leave just a touch of it behind), to whiten teeth, to make long lashes, to insta-cook pre-prepared meals.

I can't help but think it would be even quicker, even easier, not to do any of these.

Cover the gray in hair, colour hair, bleach hair ... and then spend just as much time and money and effort repairing the damage to the hair? Spend extra time and extra money pulling together each separate pre-prepared meal, when it is just as fast (and much cheaper, and usually much healthier) to throw together a pot of rice and a stir-fry? Fast food, all-you-can-eat, commercial diet plans? Start on teeth whitening systems, leaving teeth permanently more susceptible to everyday staining? Sprawl out the cities to create ever tighter suburbs of personal mini-castles, and spend ever more time living in and tending to the true master of the house (and spend ever more fuel in the process)?

What is happening to quality of life? Who is it who actually benefits from all this -- unnecessary -- complication, for complication's sake?

Is there a point that is being missed?

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