January 25, 2007

The Pigeon Index of Temperature

Yes, they're rats with wings, but they're better indicators of current and imminent weather conditions than any TV/radio report.

When it's warm, they're long ovals, and relaxed. As it gets colder, they get rounder and more tense. When it gets *really* cold, they disappear entirely.

Oval pigeons: no coat [an umbrella for rain]. Slightly rounded pigeons: bring out the sweater collection; raincoat if the sky is grey. Oblate spheroid pigeons: time for the winter coat. Absent pigeons: winter coat, scarf, mittens, sweaters, hats; better yet, stay home by the fire, going outside will *hurt*.

The weather reports tell me the probable weather for a large area; the pigeons tell me how to dress for *my* weather, better than any wind chill reading. Technology is a wonderful thing, but it hasn't replaced the Signs of Nature.

- Ruffled Puppy

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