June 25, 2006

While I frequently find humour in life, I never find it in me to laugh at other people.

... Almost never. Today was a surreal exception. The sight of people glued to cellular telephones on buses is nothing new. Seeing a cliché in motion, is.

One hand, coffee. Other hand, cellphone attached to the other ear, conversation at volume: in fact never once breaking away from the conversation at volume -- utterly unnecessary conversation, not necessary as a here-and-now, perhaps not necessary ever, but certainly not at all essential in the way that it could not be interrupted.

And then, after sitting down -- and moving to another empty seat on the nearly empty bus -- and another -- and another -- and then he began pacing, up and down on a moving bus, lidded coffee still in one hand, cellphone in the other, the conversation never once stopping, never even so much as hiccoughing. One would think, with all this posturing, that the subject would be a matter of life and death ... or at least important? imminent? something that absolutely could not have waited even to the next stop? -- but no. All three other persons on the bus were made to be absolutely informed of that, without the shadow of a doubt.

Around this point the bus driver asks him to sit down.

And I start laughing. I can't help it. The whole thing was just too ridiculous.

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