April 18, 2006

Let none reading this blog have any qualms about disagreeing with me ... lest you start having me believe that occasionally I might be right.

What I (or others) state here and elsewhere, however grounded upon previously laid foundations, still remains a belief. It is no more and no less than a belief -- and as such, no more and no less inherently valid than any other's. There may even be times when I argue devil's advocate, against my own beliefs, simply for the sake of drawing out reasons and underlying causes. I don't seek to be right. Frequently quite the contrary: for I see in our future a high chance of imminent extinction, and I would like nothing better than to be proved wrong.

So I definitely don't seek to be right; and by the same token I don't assume inherent "rightness" in words of whatever human authority. (I would do them no service thereby.) I do seek to understand ... and maybe, in the process of uncovering that understanding, to re-create the value of the individual within a greater whole, and thereby to restore a new possibility of hope for us all.

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