March 25, 2006

What is sadness but a deep unspoken wish to share, to give what cannot be given, but only earned?

A story tells how Kuan Yin had been working for a long time to help sentient beings. She had been able to help hundreds of thousands of beings become free from samsara, but then she suddenly understood how many more beings were still suffering in samsara. She began to cry, and from the pool formed by her tears a lotus arose and Tara appeared from the lotus, saying "Don't worry -- I will help you."

What is love but laughter and sorrow: laughter for the joy of sharing, sorrow for the limitations of sharing?

Or perhaps ~having nothing~ to share...

Or ~doing nothing~ to share...

But sadness ironically has its own happiness too. We ~like~ to feel sad sometimes. I'm tempted to say even ~most~ times.

Besides, does not happiness have its own sadness? It never seems to stay for long...
Not one person on this globe has nothing to share. Not having money or other tangible wealth, perhaps: but I have yet to encounter a person from whom I could not learn.

Doing nothing -- I live in a world of free will, where a person can choose to do, or not. It has been said that where there is a will, there is a way. If one wishes to give what another is willing to receive/earn but does nothing to that end, I must conclude that the will is lacking: on one side or on both.

"Like to feel sad" -- been intending to write something in and around this idea today, if I can get to it. For most creatures alive on this world, this is not a normal state of being.

Love, perhaps, is transient -- as is every single mortal thing in the universe. If we cry out to the moment "Stay! Thou art beautiful!" and force it so: where, then, remains the ecstatic magic?
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