March 21, 2006

For spring, I offer a story of heather.

When the world was created, the stony hillsides were bare and stark: and it was decided something green was needed for balance.

Since strength above all would be needed, first of all was asked the giant Oak. But he declined. The thin soil was far too shallow for him to take root and flourish.

Next the yellow-flowering Honeysuckle was asked if she would spread her beauty and her fragrance among the cold, bare hills: but she also declined. There was nothing in the inhospitable rocks which would give her the support she needed to grow.

heatherThen the Rose was asked: but she explained that she would not be able to survive the tors' bitter winds and driving rain.

Last of all, almost overlooked, was a small, low-lying, green shrub with tiny petals of purple and of white. When it was asked to grow upon the hillsides, the Heather thought of the poor soil and the harsh climate. She was not at all certain if she could do the job, but since she was all that was left, she would try, and she would do her very best. And to help her, upon her was bestowed three gifts:And to this day, the stony, hostile tors become a little less inhospitable in their clothing of soft green, and purple, and white.

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