December 14, 2005

A woman in Benton, Arkansas (United States) who struck and killed a nine-year-old child with her car while under the influence of opiates and amphetamines has been sentenced to go to jail every September 28, the anniversary of the boy's death, for the next 10 years. She will also be on probation during this time. Her last stay will be in 2015, when the boy would have been 21 years old. (She had struck the child when she passed a stopped school bus in 2004.) She is also required to pay the full cost of his funeral expenses, and perform 400 hours of community service.

An innovative and perhaps much more effective approach, I suspect, than solid time in jail could ever be ... interestingly also at far less cost to society at large. Who says effective interventions have to be expensive?

Really really. Roughly 88 news links through Google, including CNN.
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