December 23, 2005

We are connected, each to the other, each to the earth, each to the universe. Our bodies and minds work by the same rules that guide the stars. Our very atoms are starstuff.

Are the connections internal to us or external? Does the question even have meaning? In the connections is what I might term God and perhaps another might term chance or coincidence ... and when the separation ceases to matter, there ceases to need a separate identity.

The name is irrelevant. Need we hang on a specific, isolating, assignation of divinity?

so true.

we're all connected.

have a wonderful holiday!

Think about it. We come to this world quite alone, and we leave this world... quite alone.

This connectivity is based nore on the external world we live, the mask we all wear. Yes, those are connected, and should be connected...

But I always see myself as a one, as an individual, as one individual soul that has to make connections to live and find the purpose to live.

Make much sense?
Yes, from that point of view it makes very much sense.

And yet: would you have left this world, leaving no influence whatsoever on anyone? Would your presence not have altered in the slightest a single other person, for better or for worse?

(Would you have married? Would you have had children?)
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