December 11, 2005

My dreams seldom turn on people I know personally, events that occur to me individually; rather teasing and pulling at issues, topics, information that will continue to be in the back of my mind until I resolve them into written structure.

Last night was no exception, the borrowed structure-metaphor a chess tournament (if one where the participants were allowed to talk, even about things non-chess) ... but, having left and driving off, we had to stop the automobile on the university road along with several others, I know not exactly why except that there was the sense either of something forgotten (drinks to take to a social venue, perhaps), or of some blockage ahead that might require detour later.

So I began talking with other drivers who were also stopped in this same place as we walked up to see what the blockage was. All of us fell easily into conversation, and after a time finding out why we had been accidentally brought together in this place no longer mattered, the discussion had become animated of itself and we continued to walk up and down the university drive and talking.

And when I woke up: the clock radio, set to a news/interview/talk show station, was playing an animated discussion about the precise topic we had been discussing.

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