December 28, 2005

I don't believe in masks. Differences and barriers of human worth are in the mind and the mind only: possessing precisely as much power as we choose to accord them ... power instantly rendered greater by recognising a "they". In separating out an "I" to place above the rest, some persons choose to use differences and barriers to fulfill their need for hatred and separation. Much more important, far, that "I" set the definitions such that I am superior: but the very need to do so is precisely what grants "them" power over the I. Once the separation and intent has been established, the constant threat of inferiority becomes implicit -- and sometimes defence against that threat of inferiority can be violent.

Must this always be the case? To answer "yes" here is to continually re-create that reality for oneself, to have an active part in the continual retention, maintenance, reinforcement of those barriers. To doubt others can ever escape that thinking is to oneself actively preserve and reinforce that thinking.

Yet difference, in itself, is not necessarily a barrier. (After all, how well would your own body work had all the cells specialised the same way?) Alloys can be forged only out of elements different from each other. Out of diversity can arise a diverse strength ... if we will only allow it, with the personal strength of character not to be afraid of it, of what embracing such potential changes in us. We are comfortable with how things are; but without change, we are what we are, nothing less ... and never anything more.

Knowing there are no barriers, how can there be hate?

When there are no barriers, what is left, but love?
What else has ever been shown, but love?

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