October 06, 2005

Not quite consecutive days without water -- we did miss a day or two in there as the hot water tank was being replaced, and it seems there was reliable water for the entire time I was away. Major operation this: requiring not only local plumbing arrangements but a crane to lift and lower the structure into place, and thus clearances for the crane.

The same day as hot water once again became reliable came the notice on my door that due to the construction outside (to be traffic-traversed with helpful and unique road "wiggle" signs), the city would require water to be turned off to our building tomorrow.

At that, I am among the fortunate: pity those families with several small children and limited freedom of movement. I don't think I have been quite this much aware of absence or presence of access to water since the drought which, in another location, at another time, caused our wells to run dry.

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