September 01, 2005

Written by leoal, following the pattern of The Wasteland (and I stood in awe):
September is the cruelest month breeding
education out of the linoleum and cinder blocks, mixing
the clueless with the schedule, knocking
chalk dust off the venetian blinds
or at least we hope that's chalk dust
and not the dust knocked out of old ceilings
while doing construction above. The dust
which was the cocoon of learning past.
Learning past and learning future
float in the air of learning present
coming to a nebulous cloud of what were once
points on the board.
Or at least we hope that's chalk dust.
Winter surprised us, coming over the Starbergersee
Like one of those cold showers which is wet and not snowy
but is cold cold cold seeping

[Pretend this is in German] I once got my schedule and couldn't find my buildings
So I asked the nice helpful people and they were so helpful
And they helped me find my buildings, my schedule, my lost passwords.
Now I dust off my laundry and clean my shelves
late at night.

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