August 24, 2005

With more than half an eye on the rising oil prices came the vow by another to try to limit the amount of use of personal transportation for all non heavy-carry purposes. The intent was to drive into the city proper and park, using public transit for all errands that day, returning at the end of the day to the automobile and the drive home.

On the very first day of said vow came the realisation that there would be a wish to check out this and that, purchase the usual necessary food staples, pay invoices; and that this would need to be planned out around bus schedules. Too many things then, to give up the convenience this time: but it would just be this one time. Next time, ... will be food staples once again, and new invoices, and new "just this one time" reasons not to escape the convenience of personal transportation.

I never get between a smoker and their cigarette.

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