August 02, 2005

It seems that headlines around the world will seize upon the unexpected silver lining as well as the usual torrent of negativity. Today's crash of an Air France Airbus A340 at Pearson International Airport (Toronto, Canada) during a vicious thunderstorm, possibly after having been hit by lightning and then aquaplaning on a wet runway, would have been buried in the back pages: were it not for the unusual circumstance that in this crash, not one person died or was even seriously injured, even after the airplane almost nosed its way onto Canada's busiest freeway before bursting into flames. In fact, some of the passengers were taken to hospital by passing motorists from that freeway. (Twenty-two persons were slightly injured.)

Some call the complete non loss of life miraculous. (Why not say equally then that a disaster which claims every life involved is also miraculous? Why must miracles always involve a positive outcome for those involved and those observing?) I say that any and all such outcomes are filtred through human hands: and am grateful to that flight crew for restoring to at least a few people on this globe a renewed awareness of the miracle of everyday life.

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