August 16, 2005

The human body does not contain one single aspect that did not at some point have a purpose.

The natural instinct is to try to avoid pain at any cost. It is the nature of every living being to continually seek to maintain its environment to its own image, its own comfort: yet there can be no non-inertial change without pain. More importantly, without pain -- physical, emotional, mental, spiritual -- there can be no growth. It may be that only by experiencing and then working through pain can we can allow ourselves the possibility of escaping the chrysalis.

But our instinct is to avoid: and the single easiest way to avoid is to never invest ourselves too deeply into anything or anyone. That way, if something turns out other than we might wish/hope/yearn for, the only remaining echo of pain might be the shrug of "Oh, well."

In our modern era of moulding our environment to match our personal comfort zones, reducing other people to electronic distances even when others are standing right next to us, trying to solve everything with the appropriate drug: pain is out of fashion.

Is this why a deep, abiding passion -- in anything -- is also out of fashion?

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