October 14, 2004

Lessons and odd thoughts re-learned, derived, or overhauled: part 1 of 8

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

Note: These entries constitute a collection of thoughts I had over the past several weeks which sprang directly from my day-to-day experience. I make no claims as to whether they have any general application, or even as to their "objective" accuracy. It could even be that this is my own personal way of dealing with a situation of which I have in some way always been a part, but which I have no means of affecting (let alone altering) in any way. I say only, this is what came into my mind. For this and every entry in this grouping, the perspectives are sometimes directly my own in isolation and sometimes leap through what I think to be other people's eyes. Thus the use of "one", "I", and "you" will seem, well, creative ... and yet this is the way the thoughts finally took on the shapes of words, and so I leave them in whichever perspective or level of abstraction they originally chose. Some sections are longer than others. This first one is among the shortest.

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