October 16, 2004

Just as a general note, that I have not been responding to comments of late does not mean I have not been reading, and that I don't intend to respond. I realise "eventually" can be worse than "never", but sometimes "eventually" is all we have. Of late, it has been all I can do to post an entry at all (and my intent to include a Smile of the Day with each one is ... beyond slipped): ironic, perhaps, since I most definitely do have things to write about, and parts of me seem determined to take whichever direction of idea currently channelled into all aspects of my existence.

I plead life commitments: which for once are not work-related. (That would constitute a vacation!)

For today then, but without any of the commentary I might have otherwise wished to add (and that might be a good thing): I suggest ten reasons, some textual, some topical, some stylistic, why Fahrenheit 9/11 was aimed at a specifically United States audience (Palme d'Or notwithstanding):

So, a few thoughts, flung out almost at random, with some of the fastest typing I have ever done.

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