August 03, 2004

Why so readily wax nostalgic about childhood? Could it be that a culture seeking and idealising the innocence expressed in the child in reality seeks that trait which parallels it and is a direct consequence of it: the ability to be ultimately selfish about one's wants and needs with no need whatsoever to learn about (let alone consider) the needs of others?

Smile of the day:

The big brother liked to tease his little brother by offering him two coins: a nickel and a dime. The little brother always took the nickel. Of course he would, thinks the older brother, it is bigger. And that is exactly what he told his father, when he was seen doing it.

But his father, curious, asked his younger son privately why he always chose the nickel over the dime. Came the answer: "If I took the dime, he'd quit doing it!"

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