August 26, 2004

To cap yesterday's post, add two more:

Although time constraints can and do exist, if a task is worth doing, it is worth taking the time to do it to the best of one's ability. Better not to undertake the task at all, than to be forced into something less even than adequate because of time limits. (I should talk!)

Where the passion as envisioned requires interaction with other people, what is not communicated may as well not exist. The most beautiful of compositions, the most insightful of written creations, the most penetrating of scientific theory is pointless without its successful communication.

Come to think of it, these last two could apply to a few too many physicians of my acquaintance.

Enough intensity, break it up with something whimsical: a small rainbowed bubble, without reason or apparent creative cause, which idly drifted across my path. I thought for certain its life would cease when it crossed the roadway but it only floated a little higher, wafted by the backdraught of the speeding traffic, until it disappeared into the sky.

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