July 02, 2004

Does any long-term project, undertaken for no benefit other than one's own internal motivation, have a natural ebb and flow? Certainly other life interests and commitments will always compete with the "just because" long-term regular commitment, in the absence of true dedication will invariably at some point overpower and the project left to founder - to be overtaken in their turn by yet newer commitments.

Some cling to regular updates, to the informing of on-line friends - but life will drift us away from any friends with whom we do not share continuing and active interests, be they on-line or in "real" life: and once the drifting has begun, it is among the most difficult of tasks to attempt to step in, to continue where one has left off.

It could well be that this blog - as so many others before it and yet to come - will eventually drift, fade away, be abandoned, be forgotten.

But not yet.

Smile of the day:

Q: What did the fish say when he hit a concrete wall?
A: Dam.

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