June 14, 2004

Where two cultures, or nations, or individuals meet, the most common resolution by far is that of clearly demarcated power differential and domination of one by the other. War is the most extreme method by which dominance is asserted ... but there are other methods of expressing superiority and/or aggression and/or territoriality.

The victors engineer:

Oh, and of course they run the schools where those histories are to be taught, and thus define the 'ism which is to define the new measure of power. That is the single most important dominance of all.

Those who are under another's dominance, or who feel themselves under threat, write:

(Interestingly, both victors and those under dominance or threat will compose art, music, literature as cultural affirmation and promotion: consider which types of cultures tend to create which types of art.)

And then there are those few, those extremely rare, who manage to redefine conflict such as neither to conquer nor to feel defeated. What do they grow?

Smile of the day:

"Do you know who Abraham Lincoln was?"
"Or who Moshe Dayan was?"
"See, this is because every evening I take classes or go to the museum."
"Well, and do you know who Vasily Ivanov is?"
"No. Who is he?"
"He is the guy who visits your wife every evening when you are in class or at the museum."

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