June 26, 2004

Those stripes painted or taped across the leading edge of steps exist for people such as me: for if I am not paying active and detailed attention to my footing, I cannot see the sudden rise (or drop).

I was not paying attention to my footing yesterday, in a place where the concrete changes of elevation were not marked. The bruises should fade in a week or so.

Smile of the day:

Top Ten Signs You Are a Type Five (Remember the RHETI?)

10. You call your plants by their Latin names.

9. The more excited people around you get, the more drained you feel.

8. You spend your time at a party reading the books in the host's library.

7. You communicate almost exclusively by e-mail.

6. Most of your friends are on e-mail, and you haven't met any of them face to face.

5. You consider it a good vacation if you can stay at home with your computer, books, videos, and garden for a week.

4. You would like to do #5 for a living.

3. You have actually read Darwin's "Origin of the Species" and think it would make an interesting movie. (Coming shortly to Crossroads!)

2. Someone asks you how you feel about someone or something, and you tell them you will get back to them next week after you've had time to think about it.

1. You bite into a Snickers bar, and you immediately see the correlation between the dissolving chocolate/peanut mixture with quantum electrodynamics and the potential existance of dark matter in the universe, the association of Mozart's unfinished symphony and the cryptographic origins of ancient Sumerian linguistics, and how the right handed Cartesian orthoganal system of coordinates aligns with Mitochondrial cellular respiration, giving you a new understanding of the role of derivatives in modern financial portfolio analysis, and the enneagrammatic functions inherent in Microsoft's Windows 98.

... and when you try to explain this simple relationship, people have no clue what the hell you are talking about.

(So why have I never once gotten #5 as "my type"?)

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