June 22, 2004

Ever since I suddenly woke up early on one morning I had set aside for catching up on sleep, I had known that my current bedroom-wall neighbour has her clock radio set to the same frequency as I. (There have been times when I was considering changing it. Waking up to current events, of late, has not proved the brightest start to the day. It was so, on a late morning working at home, that I first heard the report of an airplane having crashed into one of the twin towers.) I don't know that another would have sensed it, it comes through at the threshold of hearing for me - but I seem to be sufficiently attuned to that particular sound pattern that it wakes me regardless.

In general, we either have a similar daily pattern or else I am up and gone long before her alarm goes off. I can hope that I, similarly, do not interfere with her sleeping pattern. The days of my own 0300 work wake-ups are over ... for now. (So long as I still have the energy, the days of the spontaneous all-nighters will never be.) These may be thin walls - but few here have capuseru hoteru social filtres.

This morning, strong, extended knocking at her door - and then her alarm went off ... at something close to 0500. I live now in a neighbourhood where such knocking is most commonly taken as the travel partner with the wake-up call. This morning, I was suddenly reminded to be grateful of it.

Smile of the day:

Travel Brochure Translator

Old world charm (Room and a bath)
Tropical (Rainy)
Majestic setting (A long way from town, at end of dirt road)
Options galore (Nothing is included in the itinerary)
Secluded hideaway (Directions to the location are unclear)
Some budget rooms (Sorry, already occupied)
Explore on your own (At your own expense)
Knowledgeable trip hosts (They've flown in an airplane before)
No extra fees (No extras)
Nominal fee (Outrageous charge)
Standard (Sub-standard)
Deluxe (Barely standard)
Superior accommodations (One complimentary chocolate, free shower cap)
All the amenities (Two chocolates, two shower caps)
Plush (Both top and bottom sheets)
Gentle breezes (In hurricane alley)
Light and airy (No air conditioning)
Picturesque (Theme park nearby)
24-hour bar (Ice cubes at additional cost - when available)

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