June 04, 2004

Consider a pattern:

Always, to escape torment, we tend, consciously or unconsciously, to become those who tormented us: because that is clearly where the power lies.

I have watched this happen in schoolyards, and in nations, and now, once again, on an Internet board, invariably spearheaded by those who would sharply deny the possibility of themselves ever having the possibility to become what they had abhorred. Given the original factors of perception of persecution and determination to seek power (control) to end it, I have yet to see a true abberation. Although what underlies these changes is sometimes overt and sometimes invisible, its symptoms are readily apparent: the tone of the place changes; those whose heart does not lie in revolution and frequently vicious societal reaction begin to stay away; those who formerly hated and were hated begin to find the place comfortable, drift by, sometimes contribute to the place, sometimes stay.

However, I still think this pattern unique to those social entities built upon fear of or escape from threat or persecution: can an identity built and determinedly retained upon the fear of threat ever escape its roots? By the same token, this pattern may also suggest an avenue escaping the cycle ... although simply to perpetuate the power/independence/control pattern is easier by far!

Smile of the day:

In the armed forces (as in life):

#1. Whoever is in charge is always right.
#2. If whoever is in charge is not right, see #1.

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