April 25, 2004

Ran for a bus. The one that came took me along a different route than I would usually take. I ended up about a kilometre from where I had wished to go ... and discovered the existence of a relevant business, which had only just opened that week.

Discovered the marsh frogs had survived the onslaught of an early and increasingly encroaching construction season.

In running for another bus (which I missed), accidentally released a door into the face of someone behind me who I had not realised was there.

Rescued an earthworm.

Intercepted on the way home by a celebration of the local sports team's win. Assumed thereafter that celebrating drivers would not be paying too much attention to pedestrian details.

Wrote. Cleaned. Read. Webbed. Talked. Rained upon. Laughed. Ate. Slept.

Events, in isolation, without interpretation and without valuation beyond that implicit in observation. (What is the point of an observational blog written in less than attempted self-honesty?) I find no currency either in self-aggrandisation or in self-victimisation. If there is no inherent value in existence, why seek it in the eyes of others? If pattern there be, let it be upon the reader to find it. It will have just as much validity as anything I could devise.

What is the function of a seeker within their society, after all? What gives the seeker any kind of unique value? What makes the seeker anything more than a societal parasite?

Smile of the day:
If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate.

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