April 28, 2004

From The King of Elfland's Daughter (Lord Dunsany):

And then they began to discuss the size and shape of these beasts, and all the known legends that told of them, and came no nearer to agreeing together whether or not their lord had hunted a unicorn. Till at last Narl, seeing that they would not thus come by the truth, and deeming it necessary that the fact should be established one way or the other for ever, rose up and told them that the time had come for the vote. So by a method they had of casting shells of various colours into a horn that was passed from man to man, they voted about the unicorn as Narl had commanded. And a hush fell, and Narl counted. And it was seen to have been established by vote that there had been no unicorn.

Smile of the day:

In 1976, Mr. Bill Hancock, of Hanley Staffordshire, complained to his local council that buses were driving past queues of up to 30 people. Councillor Arthur Cholerton replied that if buses were to stop to pick up passengers, it would disrupt the time-table.


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