March 27, 2004

I had intended to post a political analysis about events and uses of history in Taiwan (defensive referendum) and in Gaza (targetted assassination as political tool: see Cook's column in Al Ahram) and what parallels might be drawn with the Anschluss in 1938/39 Austria, and what associations others might wish to draw instead.

(Never mind that history does not repeat, it echoes.)

Maybe three printed pages worth I had already written. For Taiwan alone, with its decades of inverted United States-Cuba relationship, with the recent joint Sino-French naval manoeuvres, with the dilemma of a de facto autonomy v. a declared independence, with recent attempted assassinations, with current electoral results, with the new round of protests ...

(Is it more terrifying that the associations perceived needed to draw out the popular vote in Taiwan are entirely western and western valued? or that history is freely and willingly reinterpreted, no less by those protesting the reinterpretations of others? Really, is it terrifying at all that we seek to mould history around our own personalities and our needs of it -- or only human? Where resides the reality of the past, after all, but in fallible memory and present need? Memory and need: to shape and link and give meaning to present consequences.)

The computer decided otherwise -- quite thoroughly. Even after I managed to track down the cached document, it contained nothing but the blank form. It was most impressive.

What had I written, after all, that improved the silence?

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