May 25, 2003

The good-evil polarity is inadequate. However absolutely defined, the terms cannot but be created in the image of those defining them. Whole cultures have been annihilated over semantics.

The creation-destruction polarity is inadequate. There is nothing of vision, or structure, or linkage, or purpose in it. Maybe that is the point -- but it feels incomplete to me. Life and death carry meaning in more than each other's existence. It may be in us to drift toward inertial entropy, but it is not in us simply to allow ourselves to be put together and torn apart. Something keeps us from completely spiralling to pieces. Something keeps us seeking.

The creation-preservation-destruction triad is inadequate. When -- if -- they are in balance: what keeps them in balance? What keeps one or another from devouring the others? Weave the world into a tapestry and no potential remains. Unravel the tapestry, start again, afresh, anew. Gas, liquid, solid. Why should a triple state point exist at all? What binds the flax, threads, completed work, shredding? Where sources the design?

Work with the triskelion, then. Create -- but draw the creation from what lies beyond its strict boundaries: call it dream, call it potential, call it the creative fountainhead. Bring the creation into the bound world -- to share. Call it a reason for seeking. The world is bound together by that sharing, by that caring, by that communication. Draw it together against entropy to preserve long enough to share. And, when its time is done, let it drift into entropy and back into dream, that its place might be taken by something new, built with the raw starstuff of the quantum universe, built with the old world stuff of all that has gone before and is and will come again.

Compassion binds us into a single, linked whole. Individuality reaches into the creative principle to drive it. Without dream, there is nothing beyond the spinning wheel. Without love, it destroys itself. Our greatest strength lies in our diversity -- as does our greatest potential for unbalanced destruction.

Five parts -- and without imagination and without empathy, what remains except existence and non-existence? and what makes either one any different than the other? Life in death, death in life: no diversity, no value. Why should two states, or three states, or five, matter in the slightest?

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