May 19, 2003

Give it to me. Don't make me work for it! I deserve to be spoon-fed. I, and I primarily if not I alone. ("We are all individuals!" "I'm not.") It is offensive to me that you won't take the time to spoon-feed me each and every little piece –- and I get to pick and choose what I want out of it so I can shove what you say into my me-centric world to justify the primacy of me me me.
condescension: (Kyle's definition, with apologies to Wordnet)

n. 1: the trait of displaying arrogance by patronising those considered inferior; 2: a communication that indicates lack of respect by patronising the recipient

–- by deigning to give another their fifteen minutes of fame by listening carefully and with attention to how what they have to say reinforces one's own clear superiority of perspective, of knowledge, of judgement, of self. It also lies upon me to identify what merit might possibly exist in another's thoughts or statements or self. (Most others would not have the capacity to perceive it at all, alas!) After all, it is just possible that I might pick up a fact or an alternate interpretation or two (and it is another sign of my superiority that I can recognise the possibility that miracles can happen!); but there is clearly nothing of substance to be learned from most people.

Free press and free speech do not equate either to truth in speech or to telling what is needed to be learned –- and we know far too much, are far, far too secure in our own superiorities, to be able to distinguish the difference.

When did we become so smug? When did we become so lazy?

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