May 12, 2003

First reaction to any hint that one is living in mythic times: denial. There is a reason that myths happen a long time ago and far, far away. The great mythic cycles are traditionally destructive of the prior order. Here and now is too close. Deny. Make it go away. Hide!

In a capitalistic society, anything -- everything -- must be measured against the need to seek a target audience for the sake of making money. Within the overt premise of a capitalistic meritocracy that each person obtains rewards commiserate with their ability, money and its associated rewards can be the only possible measuring stick of a person's value. The implicit premise of a meritocracy is all things can be obtained solely through appropriate exercise of ability: a de facto assumption that all people (within the meritocracy) are created with equal potential, not only under the law, but at all. If in any way the latter condition fails, the meritocracy becomes an ever more unstable fa├žade.

But the pursuit of the dollar also sublimates all other possible values. The Matrix confidently answers The Wasteland's despair and tentative probes of alternate possibility: but no one who has not already asked some of those questions of themselves will be able to see that answer as anything other than targeting an audience.

Deny. Make it go away. Hide!

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